Notification delivery of steneum coins does appear instantly,
but there is usually a delay of approximately 30 – 60 minutes before the network starts confirming your transaction by entering it in the block.

Before the transaction you get 20 confirmation (meaning still in Unconfirmed or Zero Confirmation status), there is still a possibility that your transaction is not secure and there is still a chance for the transaction to fail. Unconfirmed transactions will not appear in your bitsten account balance or in your steneum wallet.A confirmation is the result of consensus on the steneum coins that your transaction has been successfully declared valid. Once your transaction is entered in a block, the transaction will continue to be covered by blocks thereafter, thus reducing the risk of canceled transactions.Please note that the process of confirming a pure steneum coin transaction is done by a network of miners scattered throughout the world, not by a particular company / group so that or is unable to expedite, cancel, eliminate, add or delay the transaction confirmation process . The amount of miner fee given may affect the speed of the confirmation process because a larger miner fee will be prioritized for processing first by the miner team.If your Steneum deposit still has not received confirmation from the network for a long time, please check back where you made the Steneum deposit because there are some wallets that require verification of emails, or other verification forms to send your Steneum from one wallet to another. You may have to click on a confirmation link in your email, or to make sure that you do want to transfer your Steneum from the wallet to your Bitsten account wallet or to any other Wallet Steneum. If you have fulfilled these

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