What is Winbot?
Winbot is a tool made for automatic trading on Binance. This bot will execute buy and sell automatically based on the User trading strategy provided , Winbot will help for You to manage automatic trade at binance.

Winbot is decentralize?
Winbot bot runs on bitsten.app server. You only need the binance API key to connect your Binance account with Winbot.

How to use Winbot?
To start the bot, register at https://winbot.bitsten.app/app using email. Click confirm bottom on the the email sent to you.

Requirements to use winbot?
Creat your account and deposit 2,000 WBST at winbot. Hold the 1,000 WBST minimum required to keep Winbot running.

Do you charge a fee for use winbot?
Winbot charge 20% for every profit they made for you. It will be automatically reduced from your WBST balance in winbot.

What trading strategy does winbot use?
Winbot use an averaging strategy.
Here is how it works:
If you have $1000 balance, Winbot will open the FIRST BUT of 100 USDT at the current price. If the price drops 1% Winbot will execute the second BUY, so that if the price goes up it will make profit immediatelly. You can adjust All Settings.

How much daily profit potential in Winbot?
Profit earning will be based on user capital with diferrent trading mode.
With standard price movements, Winbot is possible to reach the daily target of 1-5% However, it all depends on the price of the coin chosen and whether the user are high risk taker or low risk taker.

Will winbot always make a profit?
It all depends on the market price. The market price are possible to continues fall out without any price reversal. This risk may lead the users to floating stage. They have to wait for price movement to collect profit.

Is there an affiliate program?
Winbot has a mandatory system to use sponsors during registration, and 6% of profits collected by users on binance will be distributed to their uplines!

How does affiliation system work?
Winbot have 7 affiliations level

Level 1 = 2% of downline trading profit
Level 2 = 1% of downline trading profit
Level 3 = 1% of downline trading profit
Level 4 = 0.5% of downline trading profit
Level 5 = 0.5% of downline trading profit
Level 6 = 0.5% of downline trading profit
Level 7 = 0.5% of downline trading profit

Build your own community and become a LEADER!
Hold minimum 1,000 WBST for continuing reward achievement from downline affiliations.