Bitsten Token is an ERC20 token launched by Bitsten Exchange. BST is used to pay trading fee on Bitsten Exchange. You can use either regular fee or BST fee to pay trading fee on Bitsten Exchange. If you use BST fee you will get special discount. It is cheaper than using regular fee. 

Here are the details of Bitsten Tokens
Name                   : Bitsten Token
Ticker                  : BST
Contract              : 0xd4f6f9ae14399fd5eb8dfc7725f0094a1a7f5d80
Initial Supply     : 20,000,000 BST
Current Supply  : 12,070,000 BST


In December 5, 2017 BST was launched through ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The ICO was used to funds Bitsten Exchange. In January 2019, it was swapped to ERC20 and running in the Ethereum network. BST is all in public and available to be traded for everyone.
The current price of BST depends on supply and market demands. Bitsten Exchange is not doing pumping or dumping or controlling the price. It is publicly traded by the holders.