Bitsten Token (BST)

What is Bitsten Token (BST)?
BST is a token utility used to change transaction fees and listing fees on bitsten exchange.
Why choose BST?
BST comes with a simple concept but has tremendous potential.

  • BST only has a very small supply, initially only 20,000,000 BST were created.
  • BITSTEN company profits are used to burn BST every day.
  • Every day the amount of BST supply is always decreasing.
  • When this article was made, the total outstanding BST was 12,070,000 BST, the amount was always decreasing every day.
  • All BST have been circulating in the market, BITSTEN company does not keep BST stock.
Will the price of BST always go up?
In a simple concept, the price of BST will always go up, but it also depends on the number of BST holders throughout the world, the more people who have a BST the potential for the increase will be even greater. As the BITSTEN company grows and gains a large profit, the potential for an increase in BST will be even greater.