Bitsten Token (BST)

Bitsten Token (BST)

Is the ERC20 token used for as a replacement for Steneum Coin (STN).

Token Details


BST Token will give you daily commission everyday which come from income through Reward Program. is the internal market of BST Token. will periodically scan your BST wallet to find out the number of Token and distribute daily commissions based on the amount of BST you hold. By holding BST Token, you would be able to get 65% profit sharing from The daily profit depends on the Bitsten Exchange volume. The more trading volume on the more profit for you.

Reward Program Calculation

Daily profit of 1 BST = MV x FEE x 65% / Total BST on Saving

For example

MV ( Volume)            = 1,000 BTC

Total BST on Saving                          = 2,000,000

Fee per transaction                              = 0.1%

Daily profit of 1 BST = 1,000 x 0.001 x 0.65 / 2,000,000 =   0.000000325 BTC/1 BST/Day

BST Token will be used in as currency or tool to pay transaction fee. The Regular transaction fee on Bitsten using BTC costs 0.15%. The BST Fee (you use BST instead BTC to pay the transaction Fee) costs 0.1%. By using BST you save transaction fees by 33%.



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