Welcome! Now is the important steps to start earning from Dapp

1 . Open Trust Wallet
2. Open Dapp
3. Make sure you have BNB balance smartchain at Trust Wallet (minimum 5$ or BNB at balance for fee).
4. Make sure you already have WBST at Trust Wallet balance.
5. Open kindcow.finance from Dapp
6. Go to pools page on Kindcow app.kindcow.finance/pools
7. Find WBST pool then Connect wallet

7. Make sure you connect using Binance Smart Chain not using ETH (check at top-right-corner), after connected you will see Approve Contract button, then approve it, it needs ~$0.3 for fee

8. After approved you will see deposit button, now you can deposit WBST (Staking), after staking you will start receive reward in 3 second.

9. You can harvest anytime, and can unstaking/withdraw WBST anytime.