We are calling for YOU, our own members to help Bitsten grow and reach the masses!
We have a great exchange with great features, and we want all to find it!

We’d like to invite you to join our completion in Youtube marketing move for the month of March. Please contact our admin for further info.

We will continue with the BOT marketing simultaneously, make sure you share this bot link to your mates:
15 BST for all new people that completes the tasks in the BOT.

We gladly inform you that we have passed 30,000 registered #Bitstenians at 22/2-2021 in few days in to our BOT marketing campaign.

This March we are happy to welcome the veteran Bitstenian who have been supporting us in ups and downs during the year to join in Bitsten team. Conny Söderman is officially announced as Bitsten team. He is in charge of sales and marketing for Bitsten. Most of you know him as our community admin on telegram “ConnyKing”. Congratulation Mr. Söderman!!!

We have had a GREAT result with projects wanting to list on Bitsten via VOTE due to the competitive price of listing compared to other CMC (Coin market cap) exchanges. During the month of February the following projects successfully achieved listing via VOTE:

  1. P2PS P2P solutions foundation
  2. QNC QnodeCoin
  3. SHDC SHDCash
  4. YEY Yearn Ethereum Yield
  5. PYRK Pyrk Coin

FIVE listed tokens/coins via community VOTING. Congratulations to them all!
We wish them success.

Do you have a project that you want to list with ETH pairing?
Does your friend have a project?List your project and share it with the world! It costs nothing to list, only to get listed!

Submit your token to VOTE
You just need 250,000 VOTES to be auto listed pared with ETH and BST.
1 BST token is 10 VOTES.

25,000 BST worth 250,000 VOTES
Visit for BST price update!
Join our for newest info and update!

Best Regard,
Bitsten Team

A few words from new team member Conny Söderman.

Greetings #Bitstenians
I have been involved with Crypto currency since the boom of 2017, and I was one of the people that took part in the Steneum Coin ICO. So I have been following Bitsten from the start. I think it was back in early 2019 that I also became community admin to help the community with questions regarding the project. I and many with me have always seen the potential in this exciting project.
I am very happy to now officially be joining the team and I am looking forward to injecting my 15+ years of knowledge with regards to sales and marketing. I am very excited to take on this challenge and I feel that the future is bright.

Best Regards,
Conny Söderman