1. Anh Nguyen

    Need help! I have 1750 STN tokens from website. When I withdraw 1750 STN token from steneum website to my STN wallet. My 1750 STN never show up with zero confirmation. I verify my STN wallet address is correct more than three time before I withdraw. What happen to my 1750 tokens. Missing tokens when I withdraw from http://www.steneum website. Now it show a balance of $0.00 zero dollars. Thank you


    1. Bitsten Customer Support Article Author

      Please go to the link and select STN. Then click Re-Scan it to reflect on your deposit so that it is in your STN wallet, if you have done so but still remain ZERO Please
      Please send your ID transaction immediately so we can check it

  2. chidi olisa

    i have done all that and it didnt work,

    my user id on steneum is 2253

    the withdrawal id i got from withdrawal confirmation email is
    13498 = steneum token withdrawal from the website
    436= bitcoins withdrawal from the website

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