Visit Withdrawal Menu

1. Open Your Withdrawal Page in Bitsten.com

Example : 1.

Example : 2.

2. After the completed data is all done, you can check your email confirmation.

    There you will find 2 things: links to forward Withdrawal and Canceled


    1. MbahUkyy Article Author

      You Can send an email to [email protected]

      Please complete the form on down bellow to avoid fraud, account falsify, etc. :
      Steneum ID :
      Steneum Username :
      Steneum Email :
      Real Name :
      Phone :
      Address :
      City :
      Postal Code :
      Country :

  1. stas333

    Hello, I have a question, why I have such a low limit on withdrawals, my account is verified, and the limit is only 0.2 btc, what’s the problem? I can not only verify my phone number, since there is no code of my country in the list, I am from Israel

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