Coin Voting is a program to determine the new digital assets that will be registered on the Bitsten platform. In this program all Bitsten members can participate starting from the digital asset registration process to voting through voting on desired digital assets. There will only be 1 (one) new digital asset registered in each period of the Coin Voting program.


1. Registration can be done at any time.

2. Registration of digital assets can only be done by verified Bitsten members.

3. To register digital assets in this program, it takes 0.1 STN per digital asset that is registered and will be deducted from the member’s balance when registering the coin / token.

4. Digital assets that can be registered are :

a. Project that does not violate applicable regulations in Indonesia

b. At least it has been registered in the 3 exchange registered at CoinMarketCap

c. Excludes MLM / lending / investment / money game projects Having a clear identity of the founder / co-founder

d. Registered at

e. Other internal considerations by BITSTEN management.

5. Registration of digital assets can be done on the website on the “Voting” menu



1. Members who can vote are verified members of BITSTEN.

2. Every 1 vote sent requires 0.1 STN which will be deducted directly from the member’s account balance.

3. There is no maximum sound limit for each member.
Members can choose more than 1 coin / token.

4. Every vote that has been made is final and irrevocable.



1. There is only 1 winner in each period

2. The winner is a digital asset that has the most voters.

3. Winning coins / tokens will be announced on the 1st of each month.

4. Registration time takes 1-14 days depending on when the coin / token is approved.

5. Each Vote will expire in 2 months.



1. BITSTEN will moderate all incoming digital asset registrations which will be listed from the results

2. BITSTEN can reject registration of digital assets that are considered to violate the provisions unilaterally.

3. BITSTEN will conduct Due Diligence on the voting winners for the management and company identity. If it does not pass the Due Diligence, it will not be listed. The winner will be awarded to the winner in second place. Digital assets used for voting are not returned under any circumstances even if they do not qualify for Due Diligence.

4. The management has the right to disqualify, abort or discontinue any Digital Asset Project to the next period or not.

5. If the registered digital asset project fails to win a vote on COIN VOTING, the number of votes will be saved for the next period. The number of votes will not expire when the next voting period begins.

6. If the digital asset project that is registered fails in one period, then the digital asset project can follow the COIN VOTING for the next period if it is approved by management.

7. The digital asset project that was registered failed in two periods, then the digital asset project was declared to have failed in COIN VOTING, it could still do Voting again in the next period with the approval of management

8. Every management decision is final and is not obliged to provide a reason for each decision taken

9. Projects that want to take Coin Voting must have placed the name of the company registered and listed on the website before the voting period begins.



1. Regulations made for Coin Voting may change in the next period.

2. If a digital asset registered fails to win Coin Voting in the previous two (2) periods, the vote is deemed to be forfeited. The community can re-register digital assets that have failed in voting, and aim to maintain justice for new participants in the next period.

3. BITSTEN can also register digital assets without going through the Coin Voting mechanism if the digital asset meets one of the following conditions:

(-) Ranked in the top 100 at
(-) Other internal considerations by Bitsten management
(-) Please note that all types of digital assets on Bitsten can have the possibility of being delisted from Bitsten if the project is constrained, small trading volumes, requests for Indonesian regulation, or management considerations