Coin Voting is a program to determine the new digital assets that will be registered on the Bitsten platform. In this program all Bitsten members can participate starting from the digital asset registration process to voting through voting on desired digital assets.


  1. Registration of token or assets can  be done by Bitsten members.
  2. Login and Open page
  3. Submit data of Your project.


  1. Every 1 vote sent requires 0.1 BST which will be deducted directly from the member’s account balance.
  2. There is no maximum sound limit for each member.
    Members can choose more than 1 coin / token.
  3. Every vote that has been made is final and irrevocable.


  1. Project will list after voting hit 500,000 Votes 
  2. Coins / tokens will be list in 1 week after hit 500,000 Votes.
  3. If project failed to get 500,000 Votes in 6 month , will delete from voting list.


  1. BITSTEN will moderate all incoming digital asset registrations which will be listed from the results
  2. BITSTEN can reject registration of digital assets that are considered to violate the provisions unilaterally.
  3. The management has the right to disqualify, abort or discontinue any Digital Asset Project to the next period or not.


BITSTEN can also register digital assets without going through the Coin Voting mechanism if the digital asset meets one of the following conditions:

(-) Ranked in the top 100 at
(-) Other internal considerations by Bitsten management
(-) Please note that all types of digital assets on Bitsten can have the possibility of being delisted from Bitsten if the project is constrained, small trading volumes, requests for Indonesian regulation, or management considerations