We are going to create awareness to the masses about our own token BST (Bitsten token), and the new exciting features that Bitsten exchange offers its users.
*At this time the largest groups of traders at Bitsten are from the following countries:

  1. Indonesia (19%) = Indonesian
  2. India (8%) = Hindi
  3. Arab Nations(7%) = Arabic
  4. Vietnam (6%) = Vietnamese
  5. USA (5%) = English
  6. Nigeria (4%) = English

*The above languages can participate in the competition.
*1 Winner per language. (IE not 2 English). Total of 5 winners will be selected.
We are looking for YOU to make a maximum 5 minute video in any of the above languages.
Each contributor to full-fill all stated requirement will receive 250 BST as a reward.
The WINNER contribution of EACH language will receive 5000 BST as a reward. All winner contributions will also be used for marketing purposes in all Bitsten social media. You are also allowed to use your own referral link in your video description to make it even more interesting for you!


-ICO back in 2017, Indonesian exchange

2.BST is native token (Bitsten token) Explain token metrics and use cases.
-12 million total supply, all in circulation.

  • Compare BST to other exchange tokens/coins. BNB for example has 170 million coins.
    Crypto .com coin has 100 BILLION COINS. Huobi token has 500 million total supply. Waves coin 104 million. Kucoin token 170 million… you get the point, we have 12 million, all in circulation!

3.Discount trading fees when using BST for fees.

4.Yield farming (passive income).
Up to 200% per year, If you explain this feature well, you have an advantage to win competition!!!

5.Reward for holding BST(passive income).
BST held on Bitsten will earn daily passive reward (up to 50% of daily exchange fees). Also this needs to be well explained.

6.Rewards through referral (passive income).
25% of your referrals trading fees.

7.Use for Deposit lutmarket (forex).
Explore Forex trading using BST as collateral.

8.Used for voting new Listing.
The ONLY way to list at Bitsten is by using BST for VOTE, there is no CASH listing available. Explain well! BST will always need to be bought from the market to make a listing.

9. Yield farming and swap are disabled at this time, waiting for Bitsten2.0 to be launched.
Explain the solution to keep earning via farming at kindcow with WBST.
COMPETITION WILL BE ONGOING UNTIL APRIL 14th. Winners will be announced on April 15th.

Send your contributions to on telegram. (Video or link to video).