Bitsten swap is a place for instant conversion from one token to another without having to place orders on the market.
With this feature Bitsten users can get passive income by creating a liquidity provider and get a 0.3% fee from each swap transaction and distributed fairly to all liquid makers based on the value of their contribution in the liquidity pool.

If you add liquidity to the pool, you will receive 0.3% of every swap transaction made by users.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
The return obtained by the liquidity provider depends on the total swap transaction volume and the total liquidity in the pool, you can see it in the left corner on the SWAP page, the APY value varies for each pair.

For example, the BTC_USDT pair has an APY value of 100%, if you make a liquidity of 1,000 USDT, in 1 year your profit is 1,000 USDT, the profit will be included in your liquidity value in the pool, you can withdraw liquidity from the pool anytime without a limited time.