Bitsten will launch Deposit Bonus on 2019, with total Bonus 1,000,000 BST!

The detailed rules and regulations as follows:

  1. Event duration starts on 3, January 2019, 00.00 (UTC+7). The event will end after the 1,000,000 BST have been claimed.
  2. During the event, any user who deposit Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) into their Bitsten account will receive 1% Bonus from the deposit in BST as reward. Every user can claim as much as reward by repeating this process.

*For example: User A deposited 100,000,000 IDR, they will received 1% of the deposit = 1,000,000. If the price of BST is 200 IDR at the moment, they will received 1,000,000/200 = 5,000 BST as reward,

  • There are 1,000,000 BST available in the bonus pool in total. The rewards are subject to availability and are distributed on the basis of first claim first received.
  • The rewards of the event will be deposited into the relevant users’ accounts in real time. All users can check the amount of the rewards they receive by clicking “Balance” on their account.

This program has been end at july 2019

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